Why should you participate in clinical research? There are a few pretty good reasons.

  1. It’s really helpful: It’s hard to put this point any more clearly! There are so many diseases and ailments out there that people are working on a cure for — and when they get to the step of clinical research, that means they’re really close to making treatment a reality. They just need people to come and test it.
  2. New medicine: If you’re participating, it’s likely because you’re sick. You’ve got something people think they might be able to fix, and really, what harm is there in trying something new? If you got into the study, the people running the study obviously think they can help you.
  3. Compensation: There’s no way of getting around it, really. If you participate in a study, you’ll be compensated. Whether that’s financially (through gas payments or general cash) or physically (like putting you in a hotel room or access to a physician.)

Overall, if you’ve been chosen, it’s hard to make an argument why you shouldn’t. Your participation will benefit future patients with your illness, you’ll hopefully show signs of recovery, and you’ll be compensated for it. What else do you need to be convinced?