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Committed to Quality. Inclusive.

DM Clinical began in 2006 with a vision: to deliver advanced, preventative medicine to underserved communities. We are a clinical trial network that conducts studies with uncompromised quality and compassion.

Over the past 15 years, our Houston, Texas roots have grown into 12+ dedicated and many affiliate sites throughout the nation. We are the largest private clinical trial network in Texas and are rapidly expanding in the South and Midwest. We began with an emphasis on vaccines and internal medicine, and have now broadened our therapeutic areas to include pediatrics, GI, psychiatry, women’s health, and more.

Our success is the result of a 16+ year track record of exceeding expectations. We surpass our competition in keeping our commitments to high enrollments and recruiting diverse patient populations. Above all, we keep the patient our highest priority.

Every clinical trial we conduct is overseen by one of our own physicians — otherwise known as a Principal Investigator (PI). They believe in the importance of high-quality trials done with care in order to advance life science technologies. They work within their specialty therapeutic areas and ensure each participant is treated with compassion, safety, and professionalism.

Patients potentially get early access to life-changing medicines — sometimes even years before their release to the general public.

Our physicians are a part of our larger team of recruiters, clinical coordinators, site managers, patient liaisons, and more. They partner together to create an infrastructure that collaborates with sponsors and patients to establish trial confidence, exceed sponsor expectations, and ever-improve the patient experience.


It’s All About the Patient!

With 15,000 patients enrolled and 98% positive patient feedback, DM Clinical is proven to always put the patient first.

This is because at DM Clinical, the patient is considered family. This means we feel a personal responsibility to ensure they are in the hands of only our most trusted and experienced physicians. We utilize a large team of specialists to support the patient at each step of their journey with us – from trial selection and enrollment to follow-up visits.

We value feedback from our patients because we are constantly working to improve the patient experience. At DM Clinical, our drive for innovation applies not only to the quality of our data, but also to the compassion of our care.

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Texas Roots. National Growth.

DM Clinical is currently home to 12+ dedicated research centers. We are quickly growing in demographically diverse areas of the South and Midwest.

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Houston Fights COVID (HFC) was our novel, city-wide campaign that went viral among Houston’s 6 million population. HFC was a bilingual, online platform that was used to educate and quickly enroll over 30,000 Houstonians into the ground-breaking vaccine trials.

We became one of the top 8 National Enrollers in all COVID vaccines in the US in all age groups — with over 40% being minority

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