Coronavirus cases are still rising across the US. While we know that measures like social distancing can slow the spread, these measures are still not a cure for the disease. However, scientists are using clinical trials to research COVID-19. With these studies, doctors are learning how to treat the condition and are even developing vaccines. Houston clinical trials are bringing this research close to home. Read on to learn how people in the Houston area can help find a cure for COVID-19.

Are We Close To Finding a Vaccine?

Yes. In fact, several vaccines are now in the final phases of clinical trials. When people volunteer to be a part of these studies, it allows doctors and scientists to move faster. Your health is monitored at every step of the way, ensuring your comfort and safety. By participating in a clinical trial, you can be a part of solving the Coronavirus crisis.

Is Participating Dangerous?

Clinical trials are very safe. When a vaccine gets to the clinical trial phase, it has already gone through several rounds of safety testing. Patients are also continuously monitored during the study to make sure that they are healthy every step of the way. Furthermore, only patients who qualify are used in these trials, ensuring that everyone in the study is a good fit for the medication.

Where to Learn More

Visit Houston Fights COVID to learn more about Houston clinical trials for COVID-19. You can fill out a free, easy survey to see if you qualify for this study. You can also get more information and help to spread the word about this cause.

Houston Clinical Trials for COVID research

COVID-19 isn’t the only condition that is being studied through clinical trials. Patients with all sorts of chronic conditions are encouraged to learn more about research studies. DM Clinical Research offers medical care through clinical trials for conditions like diabetes, migraines, and more. To learn more about our trials, click here.