Have you considered a medical career in clinical research?

DM Clinical is seeking talented, experienced medical doctors to become Principal Investigators. Explore the possibilities of using your knowledge to help advance research and the development of new medicines.

About DM Clinical Research

DM Clinical has a vision of delivering advanced, preventative medicine to underserved communities nationwide with quality and compassion. Over the past 17 years DM Clinical has garnered:


13 Research Centers across the U.S.


Clinical Trials Conducted


Participants Enrolled in Trials


Physician and Research Database


Total Patient Access

Diversity in clinical research

At DM Clinical, diversity is ingrained in our organizational DNA. From leadership to Principal Investigators, employees, and patients, we aim to champion inclusion in every aspect. Some of our success metrics include:


    Minority Enrollment in Vaccines


    Minority Enrollment Across Studies


    Diversity in Employment


    Patient Retention

    A brand recognized for excellence

    At DM Clinical, our mission is to collaborate with leading pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies, patients, and employees to be the top clinical research company in the nation. Some highlights of our industry recognition include:


    Best Clinical Trial Network Award by World Vaccine Congress


    SCRS Excellence in Patient Centricity Award


    Best Clinical Trial Site Award by World Vaccine Congress


    SPRIA Award Nominee for Site Patient Recruitment Innovation


    SPRIA Award Winner for Site Patient Recruitment Innovation

    Bring your knowledge while we bring the infrastructure

    DM Clinical is interested in partnering with you because we value your healthcare expertise. As a Principal Investigator with DM Clinical, you gain access to our efficient clinical trial infrastructure, resources, and networks which include:

    • Business Development
    • Centralized Teams for Support
    • Dedicated Clinical Staff
    • Research Equipment Provided

    We’re coming to a location near you

    DM Clinical leaders have been building industry relationships and award-winning clinical teams since 2006, in locations across the United States.


    • Chicago, Illinois
    • Boston, Massachusetts
    • Detroit, Michigan
    • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    • Texas (Multiple cities)

    Therapeutic Expertise

    DM Clinical services a range of therapeutic areas including vaccines, internal medicine, pediatrics, gastroenterology, psychiatry, women’s health, and more.

    Infectious Diseases

    • HIV, Flu, Chickenpox, MMR, HPV, HiB, Hepatitis B, Pneumonia, C. Difficile, RSV, Pertussis, DTaP/TDaP, Meningitis

    General Medicine

    • Hypertension, Obesity, Pain


    • Vaccines, Migraine, Asthma, Influenza, RSV

    Endocrine Metabolism

    • Type-I, Type-II Diabetes, Hypercholesterolemia


    • Asthma, COPD, Chronic Respiratory, Lung


    • Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis,

    Women's Health

    • Maternal, Menopausal, Contraception, STDs


    • Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Colonoscopy Studies


    • Schizophrenia, OCD, PTSD, Depression


    • Migraine, Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, Cognitive Impairment


    We value our team members and offer a competitive salary and benefits package. DM Clinical Research is an equal opportunity employer and offers an enjoyable work environment where we believe in and respect a work-life balance for our team.

    Health and Wellness

    • Medical, Dental, and Vision Benefits
    • Dependent Care FSA
    • Paid Parental Leave


    • Flexible Work Schedule
    • 401k with Match
    • Paid Time Off
    • Paid Holidays


    • Competitive Pay
    • Bonus Aligned with Individual Contribution
    • Medical Malpractice Coverage

    Join us and be part of the future of clinical research

    To learn more about becoming a Principal Investigator at DM Clinical, please contact
    Investigator Careers: careers@dmclinical.com | 832 615 2767