Our History



16 Years of Excellence

Our strategic roots began in the most diverse city of Texas — Houston. There, we excelled: we earned our reputation for conducting clinical trials with uncompromised quality and compassion. We solidified our track record of meeting sponsor needs for precise data and high and diverse enrollments, as well as created a positive patient experience that built trust within our Houston community. From there, we grew. We are now the largest private clinical trial network in Texas and are expanding nationwide into Illinois, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and more.

Our large network of qualified physicians has enabled us to conduct over 500+ clinical trials. We specialize in vaccines, but have also performed significant clinical work in a wide variety of therapeutic areas. In each trial, we are excited about our opportunity to both further life science technologies, as well as better the patients in our communities by providing them with new medicines — often months or years before their release to the general public.

Since the beginning, DM Clinical has exceeded expectations in our commitments to quality, enrollment goals and care for our patients.

DM Clinical

Advancing medicine through innovation and dedication.