Participating in a medical research study can be both rewarding and beneficial for patients suffering from various illnesses and disorders. DM Clinical Research of Tomball is a leader in conducting medical research studies investigating new medicines, vaccines, and treatment techniques designed to combat many disorders. Currently underway at DM Clinical are studies researching new approaches for treating COPD, Clostridium Difficile, Meningitis, Type II Diabetes, and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Medical research studies are critically important to the medical community as a whole and are currently being carried out across the country. Research organizations are conducting a wide variety of studies that look at many aspects of delivering high-quality medical care to patients. The major types of clinical trials used today are noted below. Because of this broad-based approach to medical research, patients today have access to the very best medical care available.

1. Diagnostic Trials: This type of research seeks to find better ways to identify and diagnose diseases and other medical conditions. Work in this area is critically important, in that correct and early diagnosis of problems is a key to achieving successful treatments

2. Screening Trials: Screening trials test various methods and ways of identifying and detecting particular health conditions. New diagnostic screening approaches provide widespread public health benefits. Medical research studies are held to prove or disprove new screening techniques which could be used to diagnose current or new disorders.

3. Prevention Trials: Prevention is always preferred to treatment, so new methods and approaches to preventing diseases and disorders are constantly being scrutinized and tested. Medical research studies may include the use of new medicines, lifestyle changes, or vaccines. These new approaches are essential in that, generally, preventing a disorder is the best outcome for a patient, and it is cost-effective.

4. Treatment Trials: When people think of medical research studies, they think of treatment trials. This type of medical research study involves testing new treatments, including new medications and vaccines, new approaches and tools for treatment of various diseases and disorders, or use of drug combinations for fighting a particular disease. This type trial is one of the most important of all trial types as new medications and vaccines are made available to the public via these trials. Many of the trials being carried out by DM Clinical Research fall in this category.

5. Behavioral Trials: Many of our modern lifestyle practices and habits lead to difficulties and disorders. Change of lifestyle practices and behavioral modifications often result in great benefits to patients. Certain activities are known to be linked to certain diseases such as smoking and lung cancer. It’s well-known that by quitting smoking, an individual reduces their chances of contracting lung diseases and cancers.

6. Quality of Life Trials: This type of medical research trial tests ways to improve the comfort and well-being of people who are suffering from a variety of diseases and disorders. These trials may include methods of pain management and recovery protocols.

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DM Clinical Research of Tomball specializes in conducting medical research studies which help advance treatments of various disorders. One important aspect of medical trials is enrolling participants who can both contribute to the trial results and benefit from the medical advances. An important aspect of our medical trials is ensuring we have enough participants to determine test outcomes adequately. If you feel you are a candidate for one of our medical trials, give us a call at 281-517-0550. One of our knowledgeable, experienced staff members can answer all your questions and explain our process for enrolling and participating in our medical research studies. Call us today to get started.