In July 2017, Zogby Analytics released the results of a nationwide survey which they conducted with 1000 adults from across the US. This study was carried out for Research!America, the nation’s largest not-for-profit public education and advocacy alliance working to make research to improve health a higher national priority. Some of the results of this survey are presented below along with information about medical trials being carried out by DM Clinical Research of Tomball.

It is interesting to note that the survey results indicated that 87% of respondents believe that clinical research trials are essential to national health, and 90% reported that clinical trials were necessary for advancing science. This result shows a strong inclination on the part of Americans to support widespread clinical and medical trials. Nevertheless, only 18% of respondents had ever participated in a medical trial.

When asked why the respondents had never participated in a medical trial the majority reported they were not aware of the trials and had no information on the processes used. Even so, fully 74% said they would participate in a research trial if asked by someone they trust such as their doctor. Most respondents reported that clinical trial information they might receive from their doctor would be a reliable source of information, but as many as 75% said that their doctors had not discussed medical trials.

The results of this survey indicate that Americans believe that medical trials are important and that, if they had the knowledge, these individuals would participate in one or more of the trials. It also indicates that most respondents to the survey are not aware of what medical trials are available either because their doctor had not provided that information or they simply had no way of finding and locating a suitable medical trial. DM Clinical Research in Tomball supports the medical community by conducting clinical research trials covering new medicines and new approaches for the treatment of COPD, rheumatoid arthritis, Clostridium Difficile, meningitis, and diabetes.

Potential trial participants can review some of the requirements for participating in a DM Clinical Research medical trial by reading material on our website. Further information can be obtained by calling DM Clinical Research at 281-517-0550 and talking with one of our medical professionals. They will be happy to discuss the requirements for participating in any of our trials.

DM Clinical Research supports the advancement of science by providing research data on new medications and approaches to treating a variety of diseases. These trials are essential both for advancing science and medicine, and to assist patients with these diseases to achieve better outcomes than they may experience. Participants receive, free of charge, all doctor visits, lab tests, medications, compensation for their time and travel in most cases. If you believe you may be a candidate for participating in one of our clinical research trials, please give us a call and discuss that possibility with one of our medical professionals. Call today at 281-517-4550.