Clinical medical trials are the source of new medical advancement in both drugs and techniques for treating disorders of all sorts. Finding and recruiting patients to participate in these trials is an ongoing requirement and a challenge for medical trial organizations. According to a Zogby Analytics survey, July 2017 , over half of participants were not aware of available clinical trials, more than 40% believed they were too risky, and 40% lacked information about the clinical trial processes. However, more than 70% responded that they would participate if asked by someone they trusted (e.g., physician).

Patients not only must be willing to participate but must also be qualified as suitable candidates under the trial protocol. Fortunately, new advances in data management are showing the way to locate, screen, and recruit patients for clinical trials.

The advancements in the application of “big data” (The ability to analyze massive amounts of data using supercomputers – something not available until a few years ago) allows organizations to quickly screen very large populations of patients. The purpose is to identify those that may, (a) live within a geographic region, (b) be candidates for existing trials, or (c) possess a combination of symptoms which may be difficult to identify in any other way. For example, a medical trial may require finding patients within a certain geographic area that suffer from both COPD and Osteoporosis. To locate patients fitting this precise description would be impossible without the use of high-speed computer networking.

Currently, new techniques for sampling public attitudes and perceptions are referred to as “social listening platforms”. These ‘platforms’ are computerized sampling programs that gather literally millions of social media network entries and message board posts, then consolidate this information into data profiles and summaries useful to clinical trial organizations. As more and more of this type of social listening occur fewer and fewer market surveys and focus groups will be necessary.

Another technique currently being developed and used by clinical research trials organizations is to retain existing patients beyond the end of their initial trial. Traditionally, patients participate in a medical trial and then are released from further study. New techniques of providing ongoing stipends or cash cards for retaining patients are being used. This creates and builds an inventory of patient populations who may participate in a new or modified trial in the future.

In addition, assistance with patient travel is also being tried. For remote patients who do not participate in trials because of the inconvenience of travel new options are being made available. IN many cases transportation is being provided as well as reimbursement, accommodations, and preferred rates on travel arrangements.

At DM Clinical Research we have numerous clinical trials underway with opportunities for participation available to qualified patients. Currently, we are conducting medical trials designed to measure improvements in treatments for COPD, rheumatoid arthritis, meningitis, type 2 diabetes, and C-Diff. If you have an interest in participating in one of our medical trials, please give us a call at 281-517-0550 and speak with one of our professional staff who will answer all your questions and explain the process for participation. Participants in medical trials enjoy the benefits of the latest treatments options, and all costs are reimbursed. Call today.