DM Clinical Research of Tomball conducts medical research trials examining and studying new medications and treatments for a variety of medical conditions. One important research trial currently underway at DM Clinical Research is to evaluate the effectiveness of a new COPD treatment. While COPD is not nearly as well known as heart disease or cancer, it constitutes a significant healthcare issue in the United States.


It has been estimated that upwards of 24 million Americans have COPD lung disease. Currently, it is the fourth largest cause of death in the United States after cancer, stroke, and heart disease. The condition is neither easy to deal with nor is it rare. COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) is a lung disease made up of several related sub-diseases such as bronchitis and emphysema. These conditions affect the lungs, blocking airflow and making it difficult to breathe. Damage to the lungs from COPD cannot be reversed, but the progress of the disease can be slowed.


New treatments for COPD are in the works, and DM Clinics Research is on the forefront of testing and evaluating new drugs and treatments. COPD awareness is important, and everyone should be able to recognize its signs and symptoms.


    1. As mentioned, COPD is the fourth largest cause of death in the United States. Nevertheless, COPD lung disease is that fully one half of those who have it do not yet know it. In the early phases, the disease begins ‘quietly,’ without exhibiting many symptoms. It is only when the condition advances that symptoms become chronic.


    1. It is often thought that only smoking causes COPD. In fact, COPD lung disease may have many causes such as lengthy exposure to pollutants or certain workplace environments. Naturally, anyone who smokes runs the risk of contracting COPD lung disease, and the best solution is to quit smoking.


    1. People suffering from COPD exhibit coughing and wheezing accompanied by a tight feeling in their chest. Often COPD sufferers contract colds and flu more frequently than non-COPD individuals, and they recover more slowly.


    1. COPD is not curable and the damage done to the lungs is not reversible. Nevertheless, treatments are available which slow the progress of the disease and reduce the discomfort of tightness in the lungs. Today’s treatments usually center on relaxing muscles in the airways and reducing inflammation and mucus production. In some cases, oxygen therapy is required.


  1. While it is true that most COPD lung disease occurs in the more senior populations, its onset can begin at earlier ages such as in the 40s and, in some rare cases, in the 20s and 30s. One difficulty in diagnosing COPD is that in its early stages the symptoms and conditions are not particularly noticeable. Your primary physician should administer breathing tests if you are at risk for COPD.


It goes without saying that early diagnosis for COPD is essential. Because damage caused by COPD to your lungs is not reversible, the earlier the disease is identified, the better chance the patient has to slow its progress. You should discuss COPD lung disease with your physician on your next visit, and, if you smoke, you should begin a program to stop.


DM Clinical Research is a leading medical trial firm in Tomball conducting research trials for new treatments for COPD lung disease. We are currently seeking individuals to participate in our COPD trials. Check elsewhere on our website or call 281-549-5260 to see if you qualify. Participants in our trials receive the very latest in COPD treatments at no cost to you. Call our offices today and speak with one of our professional staff who will answer all your questions and explain the process for becoming a COPD lung disease research study participant. 281-549-5260.