Medical research studies may be one of the most important phases in the development of new drugs and medical treatments. These trials, conducted following extensive laboratory testing, involve treating patients using the new drugs or technologies to gather research data showing the effectiveness of the new approaches. Trials are conducted throughout the United States and offer the opportunity for patients suffering from various conditions to participate, free of costs, and to realize the benefit of the latest advancements in medicine.

At DM clinical research, we are carrying out five major medical research studies, or clinical trials, and are currently recruiting participants to join us in this important work. Participants can benefit by receiving the latest in medical treatments. Our current trials fall into the following categories:

  1. Clostridium Difficile: C Diff is a common bacterium that can cause serious diarrhea, which can be dangerous, especially in older individuals. A medical research study is underway to test a vaccine for the prevention of C Diff infections.
  2. Meningitis: Meningitis affects the lining of the brain and spinal column causing inflammation resulting in confusion, headaches, and a stiff neck. This disease is a serious condition, and we currently have research underway to test the effectiveness of a meningitis vaccine and booster shots.
  3. Diabetes: Our type II medical research studies are investigating a better way to control blood sugar. The Cyclo–Z study includes both men and women, over the age of 18, who have been treated for symptoms for the last 2 months but are still having trouble controlling blood sugars.
  4. Rheumatoid Arthritis: If you are 18 years of age and currently taking treatment for RA you may qualify to participate in our RA medical research study. Rheumatoid arthritis primarily affects joints but can also affect other parts of your body. Individuals with RA never know when a flare-up will occur and, when it does, it can be both painful and debilitating.
  5. COPD: If you have COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and you are affected by symptoms, you may qualify for our current COPD study. This condition causes constrictions in the lungs which make breathing difficult. We are currently researching new medications that may ease COPD symptoms.

Should you qualify for one of our medical research studies and elect to participate, you will receive, not only, an initial medical evaluation, but also all study related treatments and medications, lab work, physician visits, and ongoing monitoring of your condition by medical staff; all free of costs. Trials offer reimbursement of all your trial-related time and travel expenses and, some trials offer direct compensation. To see if you qualify give DM Clinical Research a call today. One of our skilled and professional staff members will discuss our clinical trials and explain the process to see if you qualify. Call today: (281) 517-0550.