You think you may be a candidate for a clinical research trial, but you’re not sure what’s involved or how you can participate. You have questions like, ‘If I do get involved what exactly should I expect?’ ‘How is a clinical research trial managed and do I receive any benefits?’ DM Clinical Research Center has the answers to these and all your questions. So if you think you might qualify for one of their research trials, give them a call at 281-517-0550.

A clinical trial research study is designed to answer specific questions about new medical therapies, new medicines, and new ways of applying existing therapies. It is important that new drugs are thoroughly tested before, and after, they are marketed to ensure they are safe and effective. Clinical trials have been shown to be one of the most useful ways of discovering and evaluating new drugs and medical treatments. Trials involving people are designed and carried out only after laboratory, and other extensive testing has been completed and the results have been successful.

A clinical trial is managed by a strict ‘protocol’ or set of rules which must be followed by all clinical research personnel and participating patients.  This approach ensures the results of the trials are valid. Trials are categorized as either phase 1, phase 2, phase 3, or phase 4 trials, with each category representing wider and broader studies.  For example, phase 1 trials involve 20 – 80 people, phase 2, 100 to 300 people, and phase 3,  1000 – 3000 people.  Phase 4 trials are studies carried out only after the treatments or drugs have been put on the market.

All trials are monitored by the Institutional Review Board, (IRB), a group formally designated to approve, monitor, and review biomedical and behavioral research.  Studies carried out as clinical trials may be sponsored by government agencies, such as the National Institute of Health, pharmaceutical companies, or healthcare institutions, such as research hospitals.

Every individual considering taking part in a clinical trial is given extensive information about the trial, what benefits they may receive, and what their responsibilities will be. A major benefit to trial subjects is the opportunity to receive the very latest in treatments and therapies –   remedies not otherwise available.  Generally, participating in a clinical trial is free and participant’s expenses, such as travel time and distance are reimbursed.

If you believe you may be a candidate for a trial, contact DM Clinical Research Center (281-517-0550) to discuss your specific situation. They will gladly discuss everything involved in participating in a trial, answer all your questions, and determine if you are a suitable candidate.