Women’s Health Volunteer Opportunities at DM Clinical Research

Would you like to give back while also receiving quality healthcare? Participating in a clinical trial might be a great option for you. During a clinical trial, you will receive expert medical care free of charge, including doctor’s visits, medications, and follow-up appointments. You will also help doctors research different health conditions so that they can continue to provide the best care. For females, clinical trials can also help doctors research women’s health, which has historically been under-funded. Read on to learn about our women’s health volunteer opportunities.

STI Clinical Trials

Sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) are very common. If they are caught early, then these conditions are also easily treated. But unfortunately, STIs still carry a negative stigma. This means that people are less likely to seek treatment. For women, untreated STIs can lead to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), which can be quite serious.

You can help with STI research while also getting treatment for your own infections. DM Clinical Research is currently running studies on a new product that may protect against STIs. We are currently looking for female volunteers. Click here to learn more.

Migraine Research

Migraine headaches can take a huge toll on a person’s life. While all different types of people get migraines, women are far more likely to have these headaches. Migraines can also be linked to a woman’s hormones, which can make the condition even harder for patients to understand sometimes.

If you suffer from migraines, then a clinical trial might help you find relief. Click here to learn more about our migraine trials.

Other Great Opportunities

There are plenty of other women’s health volunteer opportunities. Click here to learn about some of our other clinical trials. While these trials recruit all different types of people, we are always looking for women to join our studies.

Learn More About Our Women’s Health Volunteer Opportunities

Not sure if our trials are right for you? Give us a call. Our staff members will walk you through our application process and answer any of your questions. If you qualify, then a member of our team will schedule an in-person visit so that you can learn more. Call —- to get started.

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