How to Handle COPD Coughing Attacks

COPD symptoms can change at the drop of a hat. You might experience COPD coughing attacks, even if you’ve been feeling fine recently. These flare-ups can be scary- for both you and also for your loved ones. But luckily, there are ways to cope. In this article, you will learn how to deal with your COPD coughing attacks.

Flare-Up Warning Signs

Flare-ups are usually caused by a trigger, such as air pollution or an infection. However, many other issues can also cause an attack. For some people, changes in temperature or allergens can also be the culprit. Some COPD coughing attacks happen without any known cause. Work with your doctor to identify potential triggers for you.

Key Symptoms

Sudden coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath are all common symptoms. You might also cough up more mucus than usual, or notice changes in mucus. In addition to the coughing symptoms, you might also experience fatigue, brain fog, depression, and/or problems sleeping. These symptoms will be more severe than what you usually experience.

What To Do

If you’re having a COPD coughing attack, it’s important not to panic. Staying calm will help you get your breathing under control. Use your rescue inhaler to treat the most severe breathing symptoms quickly. Using your inhaler with a nebulizer (also called a spacer) can make your inhaler more effective. Also use any other medications your doctor has recommended, including steroid pills. Then, make sure to follow up with your doctor about your attack.

When To Seek Emergency Help

Call 911 if your home treatment is not working, if you have chest pains, or if you feel like you cannot breathe. Most people recover from their coughing attacks. However, emergency treatment is sometimes needed for severe cases.

Is Your COPD Under Control?

If you are having frequent COPD coughing attacks, then you might want to consider a new treatment. Clinical trials are a great way to explore new therapies with a team of dedicated doctors. Your treatment will be provided free of charge, and compensation may also receive compensation for their time. Click here to learn about our COPD trial.

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