DM Associate Program

The DAP initiative began with a deep desire to bring in new ways of thinking to our continued innovation. Through the program, college seniors and recent graduates will be exposed to a number of teams and departments within our organization. DAP Associates will experience a program that will allow them to grow as both a research professional and a leader.
DAP Associates will be chosen from a pool of applicants based on their application, interview, and ambition! From there, they will partake in rotations which are specifically tailored to match their interests and career goals. In addition, DAP Associates will also partake in one-on- one coaching with some of the most senior leaders in our company. Our team is focused on developing future clinical research professionals and leaders.

Up to 15 Associates will be hired nationally each year for our sites in Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia and Houston.


What to Expect



Open March 1 – April 1


Complete Application and submit Letter of Recommendation

Due by April 1


Program Dates

May 30- September 2, 2022


12 Weeks Of Training

What to Expect

DAP begins with 12 weeks of full time- formal training, including both technical skills and an introduction into the central teams that support our clinical research sites. In addition to your program mentor, you are paired with a DAP coach who is an experienced Clinical Research Coordinator or Site Manager at DM Clinical Research.

An example of a DAP Program Schedule:
  • Week 1-4: Business Development Rotation
  • Weeks 5-8: Clinical Rotation
  • Week 9-12: Quality Assurance Rotation


Undergraduate students in their final year of study and those with up to one year of relevant work experience.

What does the DAP Offer to Associates?


Meaningful work

You will be a part of a growing organization dedicated to advancing medicine and helping patients across the country.


A Path to Full Time

Many of our DAP Associates who perform well receive an offer to join DM Clinical Research Full Time.


Competitive pay

DAP Associates receive competitive pay.

Build Collaborative Relationships

As part of a nationally recognized research site network, you will begin to develop key relationships in the Clinical Research industry.

Leadership engagement and access

DM Senior Leaders are fully engaged with our future workforce. With one-on-one meetings, workshops and mentoring opportunities, you will have exposure to a dynamic leadership team.

For More Information, Please Contact Dap@dmclinical.com

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