4 Tips Dealing With Arm Pain After Vaccination

Lots of patients deal with arm pain after vaccination. This is a normal side effect and not a sign of an allergic reaction. However, that doesn’t mean the pain is fun to deal with. Luckily though, the pain should be mild and will only last for a day or so. In the meantime, try these tips for relieving arm pain after vaccination.

Ask Your Doctor About Pain Relievers

This is perhaps the most obvious suggestion, but we are adding it because it works. Over-the-counter pain relievers can be very effective at relieving arm pain. However, it’s important to talk to your doctor before you take them. Some medications may not be suitable to take before/after certain vaccines. For instance, the CDC is currently recommending that patients avoid pain relievers before their COVID vaccine. However, pain relievers can be helpful before other vaccines.

Use a Cold (or Warm) Compress

A compress is a great way to reduce pain and swelling naturally. While most people use cold compresses to dull sore muscles, others find that heat is the better solution for their pain. Try both and stick with what works for you.

Try Some Simple Exercises

Exercise might be the last thing you want to do after a vaccine. However, a few simple stretches can really make a big difference. Stretching your arm will help blood flow to the vaccine site, which can reduce your pain. Try a few arm circles or raises to get your body moving.

Take it Easy

While stretching is a great way to reduce arm soreness, don’t try more intense exercises until you feel ready. It’s normal to feel sore, fatigued, and generally unwell after a vaccine. Get some rest while your body recovers. Taking time out to relax will help your body feel better quicker so that you can get back to normal as soon as possible.

Still Have Questions?

Arm pain after vaccination is perfectly normal, but it can still be scary. DM Clinical Research is here to answer all of your vaccine questions so you can feel comfortable with the process. Call us today to learn more, or explore our website for more information on vaccines.

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